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Constellaction, the independent agency, has been designing measurable custom solutions for companies’ internal and external communication
since 1998. With proven expertise gained from working with major public and private sector names, the agency combines relational value with operational quality. It synergizes the whole of its staff and partners around a quality, creative approach.

Managed by Aude Vermont
and Eric Ruff

  • • Founded in 1998
  • • 9 awards
  • • Eco-responsible initiative
  • • Professional licence No.781142


« Relational value & operational quality »
The strength  of a message is proportional to the interest people show in the person who sends it;, that’s why we put relational value at the very core of our approach and consider relational links to be the indispensable lever of all communication actions. By combining relational value with operational quality, we help clients nurture active, lasting links with their internal and external audiences.


Constellaction has developed a network of partner agencies whose mission is to offer fast, flexible access to the best independent skills in Europe. The Agency thus responds to the demands of its international clients in a context of global project management combined with local expertise. French, English, German, and Portuguese are all spoken in the Agency.